SG^2 values higher education and understands how difficult this time of your life can be. Being a full time student is a stressful time. Financially most of us are living on loans while we study hard to build a better future for yourself, your family and society as a whole. Many have parents who’ve worked hard, sacrificed and saved their whole lives so they could attend collage – the higher the expectations, the higher the mental stress for all.

Besides being endlessly fun, Submission Grappling can help you control your stress by giving you safe place to dump your anxieties and clear your head allowing you to keep going strong.

Our Tertiary Student Membership puts this experience within a students reach. Tertiary Student Members enjoy all of the benefits of Unlimited Membership at a deeply discounted rate. Our deep class schedule allows you to train as often as you like, when you like, and gives full access to our mats all day long.

Please contact us directly in order to purchase tertiary membership.

Trial Membership

Today we say goodbye to our first intern @bishbrah and his utterly glorious head of hair. We won't miss the abysmal music he listens to, but we will miss him greatly.

Martial arts obsessed, hard working and eager to learn, he's been everything we could ever hope for in an intern. In fact we like him so much that all subsequent internships we host will be renamed Bishwoships.

Best of luck in Nepal and all your future endeavours.
Here's a reel with added production value, information about a great open mat and sound financial advice.

SG² CNY open mat - Monday 23rd Jan 1400-1700. Open to all.
Following on from the success of our Women's Self Defence seminar this weekend, we are happy to announce Singapore's first Women's Only BJJ class run by a female black belt. Starting next week!
Friday Night Fight Clubbing. We. Are. Back. Friday the 13th. Free entry for any and everyone. Except anyone named Jason. Jason has to pay.

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1st of our free women's self defence sessions for 2023. In the books. Stay tuned for the youtube link - we will post the whole thing once it's ready!


Jozef Chen Seminar at Singapore Submission Grappling

Singapore Submission Grappling
2 - 5PM, January 2nd, 2023
$80 Non-Members