Coach Robert Tan

I’ve always been enamored by the creative freedom, sense of discovery, personal expression, and the physical exploration unique to the BJJ & Submission Grappling experience.

In 2019 I had been a professional freelance scriptwriter-director for local television in Singapore for over a decade when I decided that teaching BJJ & Submission Grappling full-time would be my new future.

My extensive experience working with and managing diverse groups of people of varying ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds in television, from producers to actors to technical crew, has afforded me a wide-ranging and in-depth perspective on interpersonal development, the dynamics of creative endeavors, and working as a team.

My systematic, process-oriented coaching style encourages independent self-exploration and experimentation. To share with others the simple, but profound, joy that personal growth and self-discovery can bring is my mission

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