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Our friendly, safe, respectful and talented student culture is what differentiates Singapore Submission Grappling from other academies. But that doesn’t happen by itself. An excellent student culture is only achieved after many years of Leadership making it their primary focus to carefully cultivate and grow an inclusive and supportive ethos where all can thrive. It requires Instructors whose primary dedication is to teaching and supervising student progress of the course of many years. Our Instructors are always conscious of their position as role models and maintain an attitude of personal dignity, respect for others, empathy and honour both on and off the mat. And all of Singapore Submission Grappling’s Instructors are either Singapore Citizens of Permanent Residents, so you can trust they’ll be there for you for many years to come.


Prof Chance Wanlass

4º BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi & MMA Expert

Coach David Ooi

BJJ & Judo Black Belt / No Gi Expert

Coach Richard Betts

BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi Expert

Coach Robert Tan

BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi Expert

Coach James Lim

BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi Expert

Mei Lynn Lee

BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi Expert

Joel Ong

BJJ Black Belt / No-Gi Expert

Jed Foo

BJJ Purple Belt / No-Gi Intermediate

Jediel Yew

BJJ Blue Belt / No-Gi Intermediate

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