SG2 makes training easy by offering a variety of different membership opportunities. Select for the membership option that best suits you and your families lifestyle.

Kids Memberships

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Singapore Submission Grappling offers 50 Kids Classes per month, 7 days a week. Weekday class are from  4 – 6pm, Saturdays at 10am, and Sundays at 10:30am. Kids Classes are available for children from 6 -13 years old. For children 14 years old and over, please choose one of our Adult Memberships.

Kids 10 Class Pack



Kids 20 Class Pack



Adult Memberships

Over 140 Adult Classes per month… 140! Adult Classes are held Monday to Thursday 7am – 10pm, Fridays 7am – 9pm, Saturdays 11am – 2pm and Sundays 12pm – 1pm. Our current Adult Class options are BJJ Foundations, BJJ Beginners, BJJ All Levels, No Gi Foundations, No Gi Beginners, No Gi All Levels, and our Competition Team Program. Also our Adult Memberships entitle you to All Day access allowing you and/or fellow students to workout, do drills, train. Students more serious about their training even take Stay-Cations with us. Only at Singapore Submission Grappling.

Unlimited Monthly

monthly recurring


Unlimited Quarterly

quarterly recurring membership


10 Class Pack



20 Class Pack



Single Class Pack



Overseas Drop In

For students visiting us from abroad.


Kids Camps

Kids 6-13 Classes

8 Day Trial

Gi Foundations Classes

Gi All Levels Classes

No-Gi all levels Classes

No-Gi Foundations Classes

guided open mat Classes

Kids 6-9 Classes

kids 10-13 classes

Kids 10 Class Pack

Kids Camps

Kids 20 Class Pack

Adult Unlimited Monthly

Adult Unlimited Quarterly

Adult 10 Class Pack

Adult 20 Class Pack

Adult Single Class

Overseas Drop In Class

Jozef Chen ADCC Trials Secrets

beginners course

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