Singapore Submission Grappling offers 50 Kids Classes per month, 7 days a week. Weekday class are from  4 – 6pm, Saturdays at 10am, and Sundays at 10:30am. Kids Memberships are available for children from 6 -13 years old. For children 14 years old and over, please choose one of our Adult, Course or Trial Memberships.

National Service

$200 – Membership for those serving in Singapore’s Armed Forces.


Kids 10 Class Pack



Kids 20 Class Pack



"Students first" Membership Policy

Life is full of unforeseen change. At SG2 we strongly believe you shouldn’t be punished for it. That’s why all our Membership policies aim to benefit one party – You. Want to keep training at SG2 but you’re too busy? No problem. Want to train somewhere else? No problem. Suddenly sent overseas for work? No problem. Whatever your membership need, at SG2, it’s no problem.

Kids Camps

kids 10-13 classes

kids class free trial

8 Day Trial

Gi Foundations Classes

Gi All Levels Classes

No-Gi all levels Classes

No-Gi Foundations Classes

guided open mat Classes

Kids 6-9 Classes

Kids 6-13 Classes

Kids Camps

Kids 10 Class Pack

Kids 20 Class Pack

Adult Unlimited Monthly

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Adult 10 Class Pack

Adult 20 Class Pack

Adult Single Class

Overseas Drop In Class

Jozef Chen ADCC Trials Secrets

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