Coach David Ooi

David has been a lifelong martial artist having started Judo at age 8. He went on to try BJJ at age 18 and has not looked back since. He has since gone on to become the youngest Singaporean to have Black Belts in both Judo and BJJ.

Prior to opening SG² David has worked as a physiotherapist in sports and paediatrics and as a strength and conditioning coach in large international schools focusing on youth athletic development. He has a passion for working with children to use grappling and martial arts to augment all aspects of their lives.

In his stints living in the United Kingdom David trained under Chiu Kwong Man and Kevin Webb (the first 2 black belts of Braulio Estima) in Warwick, before moving to London and training under Daniel Strauss and Nicholas Brooks (Black belts under Roger Gracie). David moved back to Singapore in 2018 and in 2021 received his Black Belt in BJJ from Chance Wanlass (Black belt under Chris Haueter and Rigan Machado).

David’s coaching style is a reflection of the many great coaches he has trained under combined with influences from David’s academic background – he has degrees in both mathematics and physiotherapy. David organises his teaching in a way that is both highly rigorous and systematic. He also applies his formal knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to teach his students how to properly apply leverage in the martial arts.

Competitive Accolades:

  • 2x British Judo Council National Champion
  • British Universities and Colleges Sport – Judo Champion
  • British Open Nogi Champion
  • Welsh Open BJJ Champion
  • Pan Asian BJJ Champion
  • Singapore Jujitsu Association National Champion
  • Singapore Wrestling Federation National Champi
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