Chris Haueter Biography

At the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy Chris Haueter met Rorion’s cousin, Rigan Machado – who was one of jiu jitsu’s most celebrated champions at the time. Machado became Haueter’s main coach, and when Rigan moved away from the Gracie academy to form his own, Chris followed.

His dedication and hard work culminated with Chris Haueter receiving his black belt on December 1996. During the ceremony 4 other black belts were handed: Renato Magno, David Meyers, Rick Williams, Fernando Vasconcelos.

Haueter also became known for coining a few of Brazilian jiu jitsu’s positions which were unnamed in Portuguese. One of those was the famous “combat base” stance. One that later gave name to Chris’ academy in California.

Besides being a multiple time World Champion, Chris Haueter is also known for his work as the head referee at the Metamoris grappling promotion, and for MAGIKIMONO, a creation of Haueter produced by the Shoyoroll brand.

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You're reading the date of this seminar correct. 2023. That's the future.

Know what else is the future? @jozefchenjj 

Well he's the future of jiujitsu at least. So is wrestling up from guard.

Future x Future. Future² at SG²

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Wonderful to have @chrishaueter96 visit and go through some of the concepts that have made him one of the most feared, respected and sought after coaches of the great art.
Once there was a time when there were only a handful of schools outside of Brazil where one authoritarian group was in total control of who was allowed learn BJJ and who was not. Basically BJJ was trapped in closed guard for over a decade. But a brave few, having decided that BJJ’s ability to renew peoples lives was far too important too to be held back by issues of politics and money, took it upon themselves to start building and supporting new BJJ communities around the world. In time their work and scarifies opened the empire’s guard allowing BJJ to become the global phenomenon it is today…

Today the world is full of BJJ and MMA champions for us to root for, learn from and lookup too - All of them, knowingly or not, standing on the shoulders of those originals who committed their lives to building the world under their feet.

@chrishaueter96 is one of those few. In fact, he was the first. His impact and contribution to the global rise of BJJ is so vast it would be hard to quantify. He is Conor Mcgergor’s coach’s coach’s coach. He tapped out Chuck Norris. He’s first American to submit a Brazilian black belt in competition. He has thousands & thousands of players ranked under him. And so on and so on.

All of that said I’m proud to host my old friend and comrade in BJJ for a seminar on November 27th at Singapore Submission Grappling. Click link below to sign up.

(pic of original artwork by Chris Haueter titled “Brown Belt Maturity” depicting Chris Haueter & Chance Wanlass rolling circa 2003.)
Great year of training and competition with the Yale-Nus MMA Grappling team. Big shout out to Jedi & Joel for their tireless efforts in leading their peers to elevate their bodies as well as their minds. Good luck to all on exams, see you next year!
Remember, remember, the 4th of November.

So we missed the saying by 1 day. Does that matter when we're coming back for FNFC 3? No. Cause FNFC 3 is going to be the best one yet. What could be better than banging tunes, lasers, disco lights and rolling on the best sprung floor in all of Singapore with your friends, old and new? Nothing. Checkmate @zouksingapore (we love you though, I want to come to Mambo Jambo soon).

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Jozef Chen Seminar at Singapore Submission Grappling

Singapore Submission Grappling
2 - 5PM, January 2nd, 2023
$80 Non-Members