Professor Chance Wanlass

Chance Wanlass, Bjj, no-gi, mma, wrestling, judo

Professor Chance Wanlass believes that martial arts, like life, is ultimately an internal journey taken alone among companions. It is from this mindset that one can squarely confront their limitations, effectively grow beyond themselves and ultimately attain the art of personal wellbeing. The ego of wins and the shame losses are something all must leave behind to enjoy their martial arts journey, and life itself, to the fullest.

Lineage: In 1994 Chance, at the time a former wrestler, was invited by his close friend Chris Haueter to try a BJJ class taught by living legend Master Rigan Machado. Nothings been the same since. Over the next 11 years Chance would become one of Master Rigan’s prodigies, ultimately being awarded his blackbelt jointly by Master Rigan and Chris Haueter in 2005. Chance is currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Blackbelt and is the highest ranked BJJ coach in Singapore.

Teaching: Chance comes from a community of mid 90s American martial artists who played a huge part, through their passion (and lack of training partners), in the exponential rise of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into what it the global phenomenon it is today. As  result, Chance’s BJJ peer network is a who’s who of modern-day legends. Over his 25-year Coaching career Chance has shaped 1,000’s of students. His greatest strength as a coach is in game-shaping; the art  tailoring a grapplers game such that it best suits their physical and mental assets & liabilities to accelerate growth and minimise injuries.

Competition: Chance is a multiple time US National, Pan-American and World Championships medalist and competitor. During the mid-90’s and early-00’s, he was a member, and later co-captain, of the elite Machado Jiu- Jitsu USA Team, the first American team to ever win a Team medals in a BJJ tournament. Throughout this time Chance fought in dozens of tournaments, both large and small, gaining keen insights on how to build the competition mindset in himself and others. Chance came out of ring retirement in 2014 to compete along side his team in the Pan-Asian BJJ Championships winning Gold & Silver medals.

Professional: Chance originally turned to martial arts to help him live life more effectively to achieve his ambitious goals. And it worked. Chance’s lifelong work in industrial optics led him to invent a new form of transparent solar energy production; currently in development. When time and inspiration permit, Chance is also professional film & TV writer/creator. 2023 will see the launch of Chance’s “Unaffiliated” brand of fitness/fight apparel & equipment.

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