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BJJ Legend Chris Haueter Seminar

BJJ Legend Chris Haueter Self Portrait Artwork.

Chris Haueter is a 6th degree black belt Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner and BJJ coach. As one of the first non-Brazilians to achieve the rank of black belt and the first American black belt to compete at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, he is regarded as a pioneer of the sport. Haueter is also known for coining several Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s positions as well as developing BJJ all over the world.

Chance Wanlass

Chance Wanlass, Bjj, no-gi, mma, wrestling, judo

SG^2 Co-Founder and Program Director Professor Chance Wanlass is a 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt and Pioneer of Singapore BJJ Culture.


BJJ Black Belt James Lim Armbar

Simply the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program, Culture and Academy in Singapore. Built over a decade by BJJ Pioneer Chance Wanlass and Singapore Grappling Hero David Ooi.

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Huge, brightly lit mat space, friendly and helpful instructors, very clean and flexible class sched. Super convenient location (right on top of One-North MRT station). a month ago David Tong Awesome coaches, helpful and detail oriented A LOT of map space – amazing. Warm showers *chef kiss*. Very welcoming and friendly community. a month ago […]

Adult Class Packs

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Class Packs are great for times when you’re not to sure about what the future has in store