Welcome back to another #SenseiSunday, this time featuring our beloved wrestling coach @korrefit 💪🏼.
Lineage: Coach Ali started wrestling at the age of 9 from Iran, particularly in the city of Kermanshah, one of the most competitive cities for wrestling. Fun fact: Kermanshah is also where the Wrestling World Championship was held back in 2017! He trained under the guidance of the then state champion and world champion, Komeil Ghasemi (@komeil_ghasemi_official), who not only served as a source of inspiration for his learning, but also shaped his coaching practice today. Today, he coaches fundamental to advanced wrestling classes at @sg_wrestling and SG². 
Coaching Philosophy: While every wrestling class Ali coaches is unique from one another, he always strives to get his wrestlers to understand the importance of self-discovery and becoming the best version of themselves through the sport. He understands that almost all his wrestlers come to class from a long day, so he frequently incorporates a variety of fun games and activities to help put them in a cheerful mood. He believes that this approach not only helps to cultivate a dynamic mindset, which is key for a dynamic sport like wrestling, but also helps wrestlers to build strength, agility, and confidence.
Sign up for Ali’s wrestling classes (happening every Mon and Wed, 6-7pm) and learn wrestling from one of the best in Singapore! 
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Dr Ali Parvin

Since a young age, I have been passionate greatly about sports and athleticism. The love for sports sparked my creativity in a way that during my childhood, I started to make my own gym equipment out of empty boxes and bottles at home. Hence, my journey in sports began at the age of nine when I developed a great interest in wrestling. I started traveling from city to city,gaining experience and participating in tournaments within my home state of Kermanshah, which also hosted the World Wrestling Championship back in 2017.

Throughout my teenage years in 1995 to 2001, I trained with many state champions and various coaches, which paved the way towards firm understanding of wrestling as a sport that is a great way to be disciplined and learn to work with others in every aspect in the society.

Moving forward, I have been honored to be part the Singapore Wrestling National Team since 2022, where I have beentraining, assisting, coaching and supporting the team both locally and internationally. In late 2022, I was also honored to receive my coaching certificate under United World Wrestling (UWW) program under the mentorship of Olympic and World Champions.  

As part of the Singapore Wrestling National Team, I excelled in providing training and coaching support for various


  • Southeast Asian Championship, Cambodia 2022: Assist and train for higher performance alongside the National team.
  • National Open and Team Trials 2023: Playing a crucial role in the team’s success during these trials.
  • SEA Games, Cambodia 2023: Representing the nation with honor and achieving notable results.
  • World Beach Wrestling Series 2023: Showcasing excellence on the international stage.
  • National Open and Team Trials 2024: Continuing to contribute to the sport’s growth and success.
  • Networking, promoting, and introducing Singapore Wrestling to other nations.


Learning should be fun and engaging, therefore, I always incorporate fun games into wrestling session so that everyone benefits mentally and technically. Within this context, these are some of my coaching philosophies that I implement during coaching sessions:

  • Safety procedure knowledge  
  • Easy and fun approach
  • Allowing self-discovery for maximum result
  • Exercise program
  • Calisthenics training for wrestling
  • Performance improvement for competitions
  • Strength training for wrestling
  • Wrestling mindset development for competitions
  • Vast understanding of set-ups and balance drills positioning
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