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Welcome to Singapore Submission Grappling Academy. Let’s get things rolling with a few key FAQ’s about the SG2 Academy.

Where's it at?

MRT Directions?

Take Circle Line to One North MRT Station then take elevator / escalator to 2nd floor of the Connexis building. Can’t miss it!

is there Parking?

1 Fusionopolis has loads of parking available 24/7 at $2.10 per hour. Get to SG2 by taking elevator to 2nd floor. Easy!

do you have Locker rooms?

SG2 has brand new Mens & Womens locker rooms each with large enclosed rain showers, sinks, large mirrors, ultra-premium hairdryers, changing areas and premium toiletries.

Do i need to bring a Towel?

Nope. We kinda went nuts and got 5 Stars hotel hand and body towels. Couldn’t help it, they were just too fat & fluffy. Good news for you is towel service is free.

Loaner gear Rental?

Yes, we have plenty of gis available for rent.


The  best way to manage your membership, book classes, get gear and more is via our custom made App. Click or scan QR codes to download and get your SG2 experience rolling today!

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Everybody's GRAPPLING

Millions are changing their lives through Submission Grappling. Its power to transform is unmatched in today’s martial arts world. Any web search will return thousands upon thousands of testimonials about how grappling has revolutionised someones mental or physical health, marriage, family, career and even saved their life. But how?


We believe the primary reason is that Submission Grappling is absolutely Honest. It is simply impossible to stall, pretend or be self-deluded when training Submission Grappling. Either you have a response to your opponents move or you don’t. If you do the match keeps going, if you don’t you get tapped out. And therein in lay the beauty of the game – taking action creates progress which yields immediate, tangible, undeniable resultsEvery hard won inch of a growth is an achievement to be genuinely proud of, to own. These inches of progress pile up until the day comes when the student realises they that themselves are becoming the benchmark against which others now measure themselves. It’s a long term life lesson that begins with struggle and ends in leadership, much like a life well lived. And much like personal integrity, the Submission Grappling journey is one of the few things in life we can truly own – No one can ever take away it away from you, it can only be lost by giving up.


There’s a reason why BJJ & Submission Grapplers are among the most fit athletes in the world. Grappling students become Cardio Kings because they’re using every muscle in their body in sustained 3D efforts against sustained 3D resistance, unlike the 2D motions of weight lifting and others. This builds functional strength, endurance, and mental focus that can be applied other physical and mental activities.

The Singapore submission grappling difference

During our 25 years teaching we’ve seen first hand the impact Submission Grappling can have on a students quality of life. To continue sharing this journey with others is the primary reason SG2 exists.


ASG2 we offer you the opportunity to become the Champion of your own life – To be your own Hero.

Bjj seminar, Bjj china, Chance Wanlass
Chance Wanlass teaching a BJJ seminar in China, 2013.

community & culture

SG2 is a community & culture cultivated for over a decade by Singapore BJJ pioneer Professor Chance Wanlass. Our community comprises Singaporeans and Expats from White belt to Black belt guiding and supporting each others martial arts journey. At SGwe adhere to a “Learn, Do, Teach” culture that encourages students at all levels to support the student behind them. This openness to help each other is one of the things SG2 students treasure most. Although our martial arts goals may differ, at SG2, we work together as a team to get there – no student is left behind. Because as coaches we do not measure ourselves by champions created (this would be too easy), but by the progress of our most difficult, some might say hopeless, student. Experience has taught us that their eventual success can be an inspiration for All.

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does it matter how i train?

The short answer is No and Yes.

Far too many grapplers struggle for years and suffer needless injuries because they are desperately trying to mimic a game that does not suit them. Sadly  it takes many years of training before the student can even become aware this has happened, creating a scenario in which the intermediate grappler suddenly realises they have to start all over again. Some do. Most do not. Ever wonder what happened to that killer blue or purple belt at your academy who suddenly disappeared? This is what happened. In fact this scenario plays out so often that it’s become a culturally accepted grappling truism; progress is all about starting starting over… Which is nonsense.

who your coach is matters

Progress is all about building. Building your own game is a longterm process that involves carefully curating and tailoring techniques, methods and philosophies that best suit your physical and mental assets/liabilities. This is not a process a student in their early years of training can do. For that matter, it’s not something very many coaches can do either.

The ability to discern which paths a Day One student should explore is a skill cultivated over decades of teaching experience. It’s also something passed down from one coach to another. Some call it the “Magic Eye”. More than this, it requires a coach that is truly devoted to their students longterm progress above their own. Being a Martial Artist has taught them that the biggest impact they can have on the future rest not in their own achievements but rather in what they have contributed to Martial Arts as a whole. It is the journey after black belt. If possible choose a coach that is on that journey. Or as Kanō Jigoro called it – “The Way”.

BJJ, Chance Wanlass, Chris Haueter, EU BJJ Tour, 1998
Chris Haueter & Chance Wanlass become first Americans to teach a BJJ seminar tour in Europe.


To make SG2 a Grapplers Paradise we built Singapore’s most advanced sprung floor. It provides our students the safety they deserve and the confidence they need to practice sweeps, throws and takedowns without having to worry about avoidable injuries. In fact, we think having a sprung floor is so important we made a video showing how we did it as a guide for our competitors to build their own. Read more…

Singapore Submission Grappling (SG2) is S.E.A.’s premier Martial Arts Academy for the Grappling Arts. SG2 offers world class instruction of both Adults and Kids in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), No-Gi Grappling (often referred to as Submission Grappling), Wrestling, Grappling for MMA and more. In September 2022 we opened our new state-of-the-art grappling facility at One North featuring 250 square meters of sprung floor mat space, a dedicated practice area open to members during business hours, locker rooms, towel service and more.

… And we’re FINALLY opening up sign-ups for the next Beginner’s Course happening 29 May - 7 July! Here’s what our recent course graduates have to say 🤩

Like @firewoodjake said, just get yourself down here and have an experience you won’t forget 🕺🕺 

Link in bio, sign up now!

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The open mat you deserve, but not the one you needed in April.
You got that right — we’re on YouTube! 📹 don’t be a stranger, be a subscriber. 🤭 Link in our bio to watch our very first episode: New Beginnings…and holler if you spot yourself! 🙌

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